Veteran Gets A New Beginning In Life

CLC, Inc. graduate Benjamin Neuner pays a visit to the CNC Machinists Training Lab where he recieved training.

Benjamin Neuner
Age: 68
Status: Single
Family: 2 Adult Children and 2 Grandchildren
Training: CNC Machinist
Military Service:
United States Air Force, Strategic Air Command, 93rd OMS, Castle AFB, Merced, CA (1975-1979). Flight line Supervisor (1978-1979). Certified Crew Chief on B-52 D, F and G models; Assistant Crew Chief, KC-135
Secret security clearance (exp 1979), Human Reliability Program (HRP), Worldwide Mobility. Clearance to work on nuclear and explosives loaded aircraft. Honorable Discharge
Ben had a lucrative career as an airplane mechanic and was a government contractor for 44 years. He retired early so he could care for his 89-year-old mother who had dementia. Ben was bored staying at home, and he made a negative decision which caused him to spend the next eight years in prison.
Once released he was traumatized from prison life and had to readjust to society. Simple things like driving a car in traffic, grocery shopping, and job searching were hard for him to do. Ben had to conscientiously think away from jail and what he had experienced. He tried to get a job but was unable to gain employment due to his past offense.
When Ben arrived at CLC, Inc. he had just been released from prison and was living in a halfway house. He did not have any money for food or gas. The instructor would buy him breakfast so he was able to eat while attending training. Sometimes this was the only meal he had for the day. CLC, Inc.’s staff provided gift cards for gas and food. Ben says, “The staff came to my rescue. Without assistance I would not have been able to continue the training and graduate from the program”. Ben described his training experience as a “Goodness, kindness and generosity he had never seen before. I actually mattered and this came from strangers, not from family and friends”.
Upon completion of Ben’s training he obtained steady work as a Maintenance Repair Technician with a boss he trusts, and he was recently promoted to Head of Quality Control. Ben is currently making a wage of $18 an hour. He is financially stable and has the freedom to “treat himself” to a Coca-Cola or ice cream whenever he wants.
Ben’s Quotes:
“Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.” – Oscar Wilde
“Those that take the time to know someone make a difference. Once out of prison, life did not count until I came to CLC. It was a fresh, new beginning of the rest of my life”. – Benjamin Neuner

Charity Name
CLC, Inc. Community Learning Center
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CLC, Inc. graduate Benjamin Neuner pays a visit to the CNC Machinists Training Lab where he recieved training.
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Michael Cole 10-5-21