So Others May Live.

Hard work = great reward!

A blind man with a history of health problems walked out of his house on a hot, sticky October day to check his mail. He stopped to have a cigarette and talk with a neighbor. After their chat, the neighbor went inside. It was common for the man to make his way through the neighborhood on his own by counting mailboxes as he walked. Other than those short walks he didn't get out much, but spoke to his family almost daily. Two days after that brief encounter with his neighbor, the police were contacted. No one had seen or spoken to him since, and there had been severe storms and heavy rains the following day. The man's relatives were extremely concerned. After searching on their own with no luck, the police called Gateway Search Dogs to assist. In a matter of hours, the team was there with bloodhounds, area search dogs, and human remains detection dogs. After a short briefing from law enforcement to gather information, Gateway began their search. A couple of hours later, a bloodhound from the team located a black tennis shoe fitting the description of those the man had been wearing. This narrowed the search area, and air scent dogs went in to check the section of woods nearby. Within 30 minutes one of the team's K9's caught the man's scent, ran deep into the woods, and located him - alive and only slightly worse for the wear - in a steep drainage. He was tired, thirsty, hungry, and covered with bug bites, but ALIVE. The motto of all Search and Rescue is "So Others May Live". It's what we train for, and it's the best feeling in the world when that motto is fulfilled.…

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Gateway Search Dogs, Inc.
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Hard work = great reward!
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Gateway Search Dogs