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Some of our recipients

What an evening to remember! Being apart of something so important in todays society during a really pressing time has been the steppingstone to many great opportunities for scholars and donors. The ESUME program and program coordinators. This is clearly an event you want to invest and sow seed in.
For starters, the venue captivated parents, donors, and scholars alike. Everyone was comfortable and cordial and as the evening progressed everyone felt comfortable enough to laugh and let their hair down and enjoy the many speakers, prizes and challenging activities that were planned to entertain the guests.
The devil is in the details! Believe me when I say that! The planning was a very structured process as the director was very meticulous in ensuring that every “t” was crossed and every “I” was dotted. It surely takes a village to ensure that a program of this magnitude goes over well.
I couldn’t believe the wealth of support afforded this event, as my very own child was a recipient of a scholarship! The patience and relationship building that the ESUME staff took in making this event a special one is something to applaud.
As, the big day approached there were many points of contact. Each member had their role and it was to be carried out with class and excellence. Which is exactly what happened. The program was jammed packed with excitement and encouragement for parents and scholars.
I am in awe of the year long planning and preparation that is taken to give scholars and their families the blessing of a lifetime. Education! The #1 Civil Right!
As I reflect on the program and my daughter’s scholarship award from the ESUME program, I must say that the Christian based, filled organization blessed us tremendously. Especially, in a time when the pandemic has taken away all hope and most opportunities for families. ESUME found away to make college going and retention possible and for that my family and I are grateful.

My Highest Gratitude!
A Super Proud Parent and Participant,
Ms. Chan Goree

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The Entrepreneurs Scholarship Program
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Some of our recipients
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