Neglected for Years, Left to Die with Cancer - Zeke Finally Found Love

True bravery is surviving 15 years of abuse and thriving

This story starts at the end. It’s a tribute to Zeke, who left his mark on thousands during his short time with Gray Face Acres Senior Dog Rescue. On August 26, 2021, our beloved Zekie boy earned his wings. His adoptive family helped him pass peacefully at home, with his head cradled in his Mama’s lap as they all told him how much they love him.

A million tears could not express the sorrow and heartache his family and all of his followers felt. You see, Zeke was utterly adored by over 13,000 Facebook followers.

Zeke was a true survivor, as brave as they get. Half chow, half husky. 100% gorgeous. He had suffered living outside his entire 15 years and then dumped at the shelter so matted that his harness was barely visible underneath. It had to be cut away to free him. He was emaciated, clearly he hadn’t been offered enough food for a long time. He could not stand longer than a few minues and fell constantly so that he was caked in filth. Zeke flinched at the slightest movement, so he clearly was cruelly abused. Our gentle giant. Our sweet boy.

All it took to allow him to blossom and forget his past was hand-fed nutritious food, a wheelchair, and a family who adored him. Instead of alone all day and night, he was part of a big pack of humans and fur siblings. Zeke became so strong he didn’t need his wheels. He spooned with his BFF Teddy the shih tzu. He barked as the house referee when the littles played. WOOF! Squeaky toys made him jump up every.single.time. And when he ate, if he was really enjoying the meal, he rumbled a deep “mmmm”. He liked fresh blueberries. And potato bread. And Costco dog biscuits. He let all the little dogs vacuum his crumbs right under his chin and never got angry or annoyed. Except when Mama cleaned his feet. That’s when his left blue eye and right brown eye pierced through her telling her he was not amused. Oh, but those grinch-y feet of thick fur between each toe!

He loved when his Mama held his big, soft head in her hands, her forehead to his. We are so thankful he got to stroll on the beach this summer. Get his feet wet in the ocean. We wish he had another winter since he loved the cold. Man was it hard to get him inside even when it was snowing! If only it could’ve been just one more winter…

Zeke will always be in our hearts. Not only is he leaving a legacy of resiliency, he has a message. Our boy was left to suffer with untreated testicular cancer. The kind that is 100% preventable with a simple neuter. And even after getting this cancer, it is almost always curable with a neuter… if someone just cared that his testicles were growing huge. But left for over a year to grow into eggplant-sized cancerous masses, even a neuter didn’t help. The cancer had spread and eventually filled his entire abdomen, which led to and complicated fatal kidney disease. Inoperable. Untreatable.

In honor of Zeke and for the love of your own fur babies, PLEASE NEUTER or SPAY. It’s not just about preventing babies, it’s to prevent fatal cancers. We hope Zeke’s story will help even one parent decide to do the right thing; do not risk letting a preventable cancer cut the life of your beloved short. Or you too will be shedding a million tears.
“Zu-Zu” outlived his 5 month prognosis and gave us 9 months of watching him bravely become a joyful, loved boy. He left his terrible past behind and never looked back.

From his Mama: “Wait for me at the bridge my boy. I’ll be the one running to you with open arms, eyes filled with tears of joy. I love you forever.

Gray Face Acres’ mission is to save seniors like Zeke, who deserve a second chance. A chance to feel safe, adored, and truly appreciated.

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True bravery is surviving 15 years of abuse and thriving
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