Myiah's CodeCrew Testimonial

Myiah graduates from the inaugural Code School cohort

Dear CFC,

I’m Myiah Moore and I want to tell you about a life changing program. CodeCrew is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to train and empower underrepresented communities to be tech innovators and leaders through practical, hands-on computer science training. CodeCrew believes that by introducing basic programming concepts and computational thinking skills to
students at a young age, they will learn valuable knowledge and gain skill sets to be prepared for the jobs of tomorrow.

In July 2018, CodeCrew launched Code School, a program designed for adults. A 6-month full time, software development boot camp that teaches adults with a GED or high school diploma full-stack web development. In short, how to be a software developer in 6 months.

And, I am one of the graduates of the very first class, Alpha class! Before Code School, I had no idea what a programmer was or what they did!

I am a single mother of three, a college dropout and this time last year, I was a cashier at your neighborhood Walgreens making less than $10 an hour, working less than twenty hours a week

My children and I were just leaving a horrible living situation, so we were still transitioning from being homeless and we were adjusting to our new Section-8 living arrangements.

I needed a way out and I wanted a better life for me and my children! Once accepted into the program, Code School embraced not only me, but my family. That meant so much to me because I am not from Memphis. Having a community of people who supported me, increased my confidence so that I could break down barriers and defy the odds.

While in Code School I buried myself into programming and learning foreign concepts, while learning to think computationally.
I knew that this opportunity was a once in a lifetime!

Not only did Code School teach me how to program throughout the six months, we also learned soft skills which I was able to utilize at a host of community and networking events sponsored by local organizations, Code Crew and our sponsors.

With all of that, I am now a full-time software developer with a local startup, OpsFuel.

Once completing the program, I realized I wanted my kids to have access to these same opportunities. So, I went to my kids' school and talked to the principal every day until he agreed to sit down with CodeCrew. I might have gotten on his nerves...but now my children and others have access to these opportunities through the after-school program where I teach a class of twenty-four, 3rd-5th graders how to build mobile and web apps.

Code School is a gem for the greater Memphis area and with the support and exposure from Bank of America’s Neighborhood Champions, CodeCrew will continue to produce talent like me into the city to help bridge the gap for the unemployed, underemployed. CodeCrew gives people a second chance...

My income went from making $5,000 last year with 3 children and myself, to now working a job where I am on salary, making over 10 times that amount. I don’t know about you, but I know that going from $5,000 a year before taxes to over $50,000 would change a lot of people’s lives. It has completely changed mine.

Myiah Moore

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Myiah graduates from the inaugural Code School cohort
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