MVA is Fighting for Our Veterans

Steve Huenemeier during his time in the Navy (left) and now (right)

Steve Huenemeier had won a disability rating at 70% disability by Veterans Affairs, but felt he was entitled for Total Disability Individual Unemployability. But the VA denied Steve each time after his compensation and pension exams. Steve was active in one of the Military-Veterans Advocacy Facebook groups for our members and connected with our MVA Director of Litigation, Robin Hood. Robin provided Steve with some of the information he was looking for, but Steve still kept getting nowhere with his claim. After so many failed attempts to get his claim approved for Total Disability Individual Unemployability, Steve hired Robin to help and a few weeks after hiring Robin, Steve was informed by the VA that his claim had been moved up for a higher review per his request. Several weeks later, Steve was notified that his claim had been approved, and in July 2021 Steve posted that his new payment from the VA reflects the 100% disability claim for which he had been fighting to receive. In a post in one of our MVA private Facebook Groups for members, Steve thanked Robin for his help in getting his full compensation. Steve ended his posted telling others to “never give up!”
Rest assured, the leadership at the MVA will never give up on seeking justice for our veterans exposed to toxic exposures.

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Military-Veterans Advocacy
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Steve Huenemeier during his time in the Navy (left) and now (right)
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Steve Huenemeier