Music is Back in My Life

Ronn with Maggie and Kaitlin

Ronn, 81, has a passion for music. He came from a musical family that gathered every Saturday night to play bluegrass and country tunes together. Ronn learned violin, banjo, guitar and mandolin, and continued to perform and play as an adult. As a Navy pilot in the 60’s, he started a string band with his shipmates on an aircraft carrier. “We played all over the world,” he said with a smile. Throughout his years of raising two sons with Carolyn, his wife of 50 years, and enjoying a successful career as a mechanical engineer and inventor, Ronn’s passion for music never wavered.
However, as his chronic pulmonary disease worsened, it became increasing more difficult for him to play his beloved mandolin. With his ability to play music fading, Ronn felt like he was losing an old friend. Then his social worker Kaitlin asked our music therapist Maggie to pay him a visit
A classically trained singer who loves to sing and play music with patients, Maggie uses music and the relationship she forms with each hospice patient to address their changing emotional and physical needs. She can play music to reduce anxiety, or to decrease the perception of pain.
Once Maggie tuned Ronn’s mandolin, the two musicians instantly bonded. Ronn wanted to play mandolin again, so Maggie suggested songs she knew he could play, while she sang and played along on her ukulele. Although he had some frustrations, Maggie was there with help and support. Finally, Ronn could play music again!
“To have Maggie play and sing with me is such a treat,” said Ron. “For one wonderful hour, Maggie makes me feel better and gives me a break from my everyday routine. Music is back in my life.” As a bonus, Ronn’s determination to play again inspired his social worker Kaitlin to learn the ukulele. They would even practice together during her visits, with Ronn encouraging Kaitlin and loving the opportunity to “play some strings” with her as well.
He still looks forward to his weekly sessions with Maggie, especially when he feels well enough to play mandolin and sing with her.
By supporting Bluegrass Care Navigators, you make a difference in so many ways. As a nonprofit, our work depends on the generous contributions from those in our community, and we never turn a patient away for the inability to pay. While Medicaid or Medicare, along with private insurance, cover much of the cost for hospice services, there are many additional services that are not covered, including integrative medicine, like the music therapy Ronn receives, that help boost the spirits and wellbeing of our patients.
Donations also support services including, art therapy, massage therapy, and animal-assisted therapy; bereavement for families and community members; our Medical Respite Program for Homeless Persons; and Bright Path, a palliative care program specifically for children with serious illness.

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Ronn with Maggie and Kaitlin
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