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Last year Maria spent her nights battling nightmares. When her father woke up unexpectedly, he was his very meanest, and that was never good for Maria and her sister. One night when her father was awakened because her baby sister was sick and crying, he threw tiny Juanita against the wall to make her be quiet. Maria also had her own vivid memories of her father’s rage from the night he broke her arm because she accidently spilled her milk in the kitchen. These images used to haunt Maria’s sleep, but today things are different.

When Maria told the doctor at the hospital the story her father had made her rehearse, the doctor did not seem to believe that she had dropped little Juanita. Thankfully, the doctor knew she had not been the one to hurt her sister. CPS was called and an investigation was opened. Maria and Juanita went to live with their maternal grandmother; Community Partners of Dallas provided beds and clothes, even medicine to make sure that Juanita got better. This past December, when her caseworker asked if Maria had any specific Christmas wishes, she told him that she didn’t need any presents because she already had her Abuela, and that she and her sister were safe. (She did eventually also tell him that if he really wanted to give her something a Barbie would be great. We promise you that this sweet little girl got a Barbie and more through CPD’s Holiday Toy Drive!) Thanks to support from donors like you, today we’re thrilled to share that Maria’s grandmother reports that this sweet little girl’s nightmares are now few and far between.

Your support of Community Partners of Dallas sends the message that you believe every child should be valued, nurtured and loved. Our programs provide resources like snacks, clothing, diapers and shoes to children who have just that day been removed from dangerous circumstances and have nothing more than the clothes on their backs. We also provide emergency funds for transportation, housing, enrichment activities, clothing, therapy, and medical expenses for children in relative care or in their own homes. And we do drives to provide normal childhood experiences, serving thousands of children annually with Easter baskets, back to school supplies, winter coats and holiday gifts through our Toy Drive.

Ours is an organization where every single gift makes an impact. Prior to the pandemic, 65% of our client population lived on less than $14,000 per year and our clients have been hit hard by the economic flux that has resulted from COVID-19. Your help will provide what abused children urgently need today to thrive tomorrow and help us serve 20,000 children right here in our local community each year.

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