I've No Where Else to Sleep

"Because a Family's Love is Good Medicine"

I was visiting an elderly gentleman’s Truman VA hospital room one afternoon. As I entered his room, I saw he was sleeping but his wife was sitting in a chair next to his bed. She and I talked about her husband and how he served in the "Big War" after they were first married. She spoke of her loving husband, their marriage, their home a distance away, their children and their many precious grand and great-grand kids. While he was still asleep, I asked her where she was spending her nights. She turned and motioned to the large chair in the corner of the room, "That's where I've been sleeping." "Well, Columbia has many nice hotels where you can stay," I replied. She told me that she wasn’t familiar with the city of Columbia. “I really don’t drive much anymore and hotel rooms are really expensive.” "I wish the Truman VA had a Ronald McDonald type house where I could stay for free." she said. I thought, “If only we had a Fisher House here at Truman."

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Friends of Mid-Missouri Fisher House
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"Because a Family's Love is Good Medicine"
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Fisher House Foundation