Hope Lives Here

Tuesday night...
Marty, a former guest at our Men's Shelter, stopped by to talk with a staff member— who "happened" to be taking trash to the dumpster.

Marty repeatedly said, "I'm sure I'm going to Hell." He admitted to relapsing on drugs, living with a girlfriend, and cursing his mother. "I'm so ashamed of being homeless. I stood at the bridge for several minutes, but I was too afraid to kill myself. I just needed someone to talk to."

Eventually, Marty calmed and realized that God still loved him and was willing to forgive him. Heaven is still available to everyone through Christ Jesus.

Grateful for the divine appointment that allowed staff to be there for Marty, just when he needed to hear something hopeful.

Marty dropped by the Mission again, this time to say thank you.

His girlfriend wants to live for God now. She wants to become a part of a congregation for Bible study and worship. A company contacted Marty for a full-time job— which he gladly accepted. He plans to acquire his own residence, and reconcile with his mother.

Marty chuckled and nodded in agreement when we considered how many blessings he almost missed! As he walked away he said, "God does love me, and I am going to Heaven!"

It is amazing what God can do in just 24 hours!

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City Union Mission
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City Union Mission