At Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) every gift, large or small, makes a difference for the animals

Strike A Paw For International Dog Day

At Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) every gift, large or small, makes a difference for the animals. The ongoing federal employee support has helped us stand up for animals all year, not just during the holidays. The generosity of federal employees who choose to support FARM’s (CFC #11338) programming knows that every dollar donated goes directly to our life-saving efforts. But, what many may not know is that their dollars also allow FARM to host events on an ongoing basis.

Earlier in 2021, FARM hosted an online vegan design workshop featuring’s Deborah DiMare. From studio apartments to 12 bedroom mansions, Deborah DiMare has done it all. As featured recently in Architectural Digest, Forbes Magazine, LA Times, The Today Show, Better Homes & Gardens, and more, Deborah is the celebrated vegan designer that is setting trends … and our supporters were captivated learning and discussing all the tricks of the trade on making living spaces animal and cruelty-free.

In August, animal lovers were invited to “Strike a Paws for International Dog Day'' with their furry friends at a free pet portrait pop-up studio outside of Pet Boutique Elysiem in Bethesda, Maryland. This event featured a cast of characters lined up to have a professional photo taken of their pooch while learning about FARM and its outstanding work for the animals.

That same weekend, activists joined April Lang LCSW, SEP who held an hour-long “compassion fatigue” self-care webinar titled “Interconnected.” This sold out event led attendees through thought exercises to help them identify and cope with the stresses of being an activist. With future support of CFC, these April Lang sessions are planned to be a monthly event where attendees will interact with each other as well as April to keep their mental health at peak performance. And a three-part series is scheduled for the month of October and vegan investing in December.

CFC support makes events like these, and our ongoing programming, possible. As we look ahead to 2022, we know that our outreach efforts rely on funding and the generosity of federal employees. For more about FARM and upcoming events, please visit

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Strike A Paw For International Dog Day
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