Dimitri needed a bone marrow transplant - DSF was able to offset the cost


On December 10, 2020, 10 year old Dimitri was unexpectedly diagnosed with a rare condition called Aplastic Anemia, which causes unexplained hemorrhaging and bruising beneath the skin that requires significant and costly treatment. It is a rare, life-threatening but treatable condition (90% success rate). Dimitri, the son of a highly respected senior guard (LGF) working with the US Embassy in the country of Georgia near Russia, needed daily blood transfusions as the family search for a compatible bone marrow donor. The cost of treatment is extraordinary for a family of limited financial means (the guard makes only about $16K a year), with the total estimated cost being approximately $110,000 USD. The Diplomatic Security Foundation (DSF) was able to assist Dimitri’s family with a grant to assist with some of these costs. After a painful bone marrow transfer surgery and five months of recovery, Dimitri is back at school where he can study his beloved science (he loves outer space!). A happy, kind, friendly, and communicative young boy with a bright future ahead of him.

Established in 1995, the Diplomatic Security Foundation (DSF) provides timely financial support and charitable contributions to members, and their immediate family, of the US Department of State's Bureau of Diplomatic Security and colleagues in the law enforcement and US foreign affairs community. DSF is in a unique position to assist those in the world-wide Diplomatic Security “family” in a way that other charities are not. DSF works with US Embassies and Regional Security Offices around the globe, determining who needs help, and how to get it there.

While Dimitri’s story has a happy ending, many of the families we are able to help are not so fortunate. The majority of our grants are for cases of hardship or loss. And the past year has had plenty of that. While there is a very hopeful light at the end of this pandemic tunnel, for many of those in our extended DS family, those providing essential security, protecting our officers, families, and facilities, it means continuing to go to work every day on the front lines at our embassies and consulates abroad. Many travel by bus or other crowded transportation methods, dealing with the public every day. And tragically, quite a few became very ill or perished, leaving behind families to deal with the anguish and loss, along with financial insecurity. In 2020, DSF was able to provide more than $75K to families in need. In 2021 we are expected to surpass that number in grants given out. You can visit our website to see who we have been able to help. https://www.dsfoundation.org/grants-current

We hope that you will take a moment to reflect on how fortunate you and your family may be despite the pandemic. Then take a moment to consider those who may not have been so fortunate, those in our DS family who have lost loved ones or suffered other tragedies. If you have the ability, we hope you will consider making a donation to DSF through the CFC - large or small - so we can continue our mission of providing for those who help keep American diplomacy safe.

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