Carl's New Life

A Boy and His Dog

Carl was an abandoned dog on an Indian reservation where he hung around a grocery store and survived on handouts. When someone noticed blood on his fur, it was thought he may have been attacked by a coyote so a plan was made to capture him to take him in for possibly euthanasia. Carl fought the leash that was meant to rescue him, but eventually, his rescuers got him to a vet where it was discovered that he wasn’t injured, but instead had a severe ear infection.
He was surrendered to SHS in February and continued treatment for his ear infection. We also neutered and vaccinated him and discovered that he had allergies. Because he was so resistant to walk on a leash, and due to his health issues, Carl went into foster care with one of our lead kennel technicians.
She provided Carl with consistent leadership and gradually he learned to enjoy life as a dog. He accepted the leash, got to go on car rides and learned new tricks. He became a confident, happy, energetic dog.

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Spokane Humane Society
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A Boy and His Dog
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Carl's Adopter