Sgt Christina M Gilman

Sgt Christina M Gilman

CFC Zone


United States Marine Corps


Marine, Mom, Wife, advocate, changemaker

What is the charitable cause you are most passionate about and why?

Naval Relief Society. I utilized this organization in Okinawa Japan in 2017. I was 25 years, pregnant and was unmarried at the time, buying my first car. I worked on Camp Hansen and needed to get a car ASAP! I was short on money that month and needed to make a down payment to get a reliable car at BC Motors. I sat down with the clerks at the front and they approved me on the spot and also did a financial worksheet with me in order to help me pay off my allotment quicker and pointed me in so many directions of resources for a new mother. I was overwhelmed with generosity so much that once I paid off my allotment in 6 months I turned around and pledged 600$ the following year at a CFC drive to give back! What goes around comes around and I’m forever thankful for this help during that time!

Why do you give through the CFC?

I believe that as military we are so blessed with numerous resources for our families and in order to keep good in this world we have to constantly be putting good deeds and karma out there in order to keep a balance.

How do contributions through the CFC help your cause?

The CFC helps to keep the Naval Relief Society in business and allows them to do so many great outreaches for military and their families!