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Thank you for taking a few minutes to Be a Face of Change and show your support for the CFC! The CFC community is you and your colleagues, wherever you are around the globe. Submitted selfies will be used in the sliding banner on Collectively, these photos will show the vibrant and caring CFC community, who will change the world together!


Enter your name here. You can use your first and last name, rank if you have one, or simply enter a first name only. This will display when website visitors hover over your photo.
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  1. Hold your phone horizontally, not vertically.
  2. Position your phone at eye level or slightly above your head.
  3. Get close to the camera with or without a Show Some Love circle.
  4. Make a fun gesture: thumbs up, hands over heart, arms crossed.
  5. Include your family members or pets. 
  6. Give a BIG smile or BIG laugh.
  7. Look directly into the camera lens.
  8. Make sure you have good lighting, but not too harsh.
  9. We are trying to highlight all federal agencies, so if you normally wear a uniform (military, USPS, CBP, TSA, etc.), feel free to show it in your selfie (if allowed!).
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