YRF Brand Video

Charity Name
Yellow Ribbon Fund, Inc.

Charity Type

CFC Number

A song plays in the background.

Nightime in San Diego: traffic moves under an overpass as the night skyline of San Diego fills shines in the distance.

In a darkened bedroom, a cell phone lights up and buzzes
with an incoming call and a female hand quickly grabs the phone.

A map of the world appears with Kandahar in Afghanistan pinpointed. A plane icon appears and moves east towards Germany with a dotted line trailing behind it.

VOICEOVER: "Sergeant Parker was wounded in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan and he stabilized in Landshtul, Germany."

The plane icon stops at Landstuhl in Germany with a pindrop marker.

Framed military medals and line the walls of the apartment.

VOICEOVER: "He is arriving at Walter Reed Hospital this afternoon at 4pm"

A framed photo of a deployed soldier sits on a table. Another framed photo of a deployed Army unit hangs on the wall.

A woman throws clothes into a rolling suitcase on a bed.
She hastily slings her purse over her shoulder, leaves her apartment, shuts the door behind her and hurries down the stairs with her suitcase.

Inside her car, the woman drives through a blur of city lights to the airport. A plane cuts through the night sky as we are now close to the airport.

VOICEOVER: "His wife is coming from their base in San Diego. She's going to meet him at Walter Reed Hospital at 5pm"

A quick montage of her travels follows: she grabs her printed boarding pass as it comes out of a kiosk, she wheels her bag running through the airport, her suitcase moves on the conveyor belt and disappears into the x-ray machine to be screened, and she hands her ticket to the agent at the gate to board the plane.

The map graphic pops up again. This time a second plane icon leaves San Diego and arcs with a dotted path trailing behind it towards the East Coast. Meanwhile the first plane icon is seen arcing away from Landstuhl Germany. Both planes meet near Washington, D.C. where the marker "Walter Reed" appears.

NARRATOR: "We have a hotel ready immediately upon arrival and a rental car is standing by."

The woman opens a hotel room with a key card and wheels her bag inside. Next, we see her shutting the trunk of a rental car with a Fitzgerald Auto tag on it.

Shots of Washington, DC in daylight indicate she has arrived there. The US Capitol dome glistens in the sun and flags wave in the wind in front of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, in nearby Bethesda, Maryland.

Inside Walter Reed Hospital, the patient on a wheeled gurney is whisked by medical personnel down the hall.

Shots of wounded, ill and injured service members and their caregivers and families appear. A blind service member using a white cane and his caregiver walk arm in arm along the reflecting pool on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. In San Diego, an injured service member and his wife/caregiver hug their children on their front porch.

VOICEOVER: The Yellow Ribbon Fund Caregiver Group will ensure the service member and their family have what they need through their recovery and into their new life."

More shots of military families follow: a YRF Caregiver Coordinator in San Diego addresses a room full of caregivers, two other caregivers are seen talking to the group from their seats. Two children who were brought to the caregiver meeting work on their coloring books and chat happily, a child is seeing hugs her mom's face while she is getting a piggy back ride, while the mom makes a silly face. Then we see the same girl alone and grinning.

The combat-wounded veteran is seen leaving his house for the day. His wife holds their daughter in her arms and he kisses them goodbye. His happy wife and daughter playfully rub noses together. His daughter escorts him to the car. He walks on prosthetic legs towards the car. From behind his wife and daughter, we see him getting into his modified SUV unassisted to drive himself to work. He has transitioned to his new life successfully despite his devastating wounds that took his legs.

A YRF closing graphic appears that reads #YRFUND and @yellowribbondunf.org and the background song ends.