You Can Transform A Life

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The Fistula Foundation

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Video Title: You Can Transform a Life

Video Description: This video introduces people to the childbirth injury obstetric fistula and the women who are affected by it. Through interview content with fistula patients, and voiceover from Fistula Foundation’s CEO, Kate Grant, the viewer learns what the condition is and how they can help provide treatment through donations to Fistula Foundation.

Video Transcription:

[text]: Obstetric Fistula is a childbirth injury that leaves women incontinent.

[text]: The cause is poverty.

[Workae Bazae, fistula patient, who is speaking in Ethiopian]: “This happened to me because of childbirth. I have been leaking for 18 years.”

[Kate Grant, CEO of Fistula Foundation]: “One of the most devastating things about obstetric fistula, is that it most often occurs to a young woman, the first time she’s having a child.”

[text]: One million women in Africa and Asia suffer from obstetric fistula.

[text]: Many become social outcasts.

[Kate Grant, CEO of Fistula Foundation]: “For most of these women who have suffered more than any woman should have to suffer, surgery can transform their lives.”

[Workae Bazae, fistula patient, who is speaking in Ethiopian]: “Since I came here I realize that I am not alone with this and I am happy.”

[text]: Fistula Foundation works in Africa and Asia to help give women their lives back.

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