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Wildlife Conservation Network

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This video broadly outlines the work that the Wildlife Conservation Network does to protect endangered species around the world, in cooperation with local people and communities. The images and videos included depicted here are of the species, conservationists, and communities with whom we work. Audio includes background music. Transcript of the text reads: "Our planet is home to beautiful and fascinating wild animals. But around the world, wildlife is threatened by human development , poaching, and climate change. The loss of wildlife threatens our environments. Together we can help. Our network of world-class conservation Partners is helping wildlife and people coexist and thrive. You can support conservation heroes who are saving endangered wildlife through education, strengthening communities, and ground-breaking research. You can help build a more hopeful future for wildlife and people."

Animals featured include: King penguins, Ethiopian wolves, spectacled bears, saiga antelope, lions, sharks, okapi, Grevy's zebra, Andean cats, cotton-top tamarins, and elephants, as well as images of community engagement, education, and wildlife research.