Whatever It Takes

Charity Name
Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeast Louisiana

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CFC Number

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Girl runs up steps to enter Boys & Girls Club.
"What does it sound like to change a life?"
Girl signs in at front desk with card (beeps) and friend calls in the distance, "Over here"
Girl types on keyboard, making rhythmic keyboard tapping.
Children bounce basketballs in time with the keyboard
Boy solves math equations on chalkboard, adding sound of chalk to the keyboard and ball bounce rhythm
Two children high five passing each other in hall, making clapping sound.
Young girl loudly sniffs a flower
Young runner exhales deeply
Dancers stomp their feet
A montage of Club activities flash across the screen as voice over says,
"These are more than just the sounds of a safe place to go after school. These are the sounds of interest being ignited. And mentors making an impact. The sounds of tutoring and tech and health and fitness and arts and music. At Boys & Girls Clubs, we don't do just one thing. We do whatever it takes to meet the needs of every kid who comes through those doors. Because whatever it takes is what it takes to build great futures. Great futures start here."
Last frame is girl on graduation podium.