Welcome to Sesame Street!

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Sesame Workshop

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Audio Visual
[music starts] Sesame Street street sign and yellow feather with the word “Yellow Feather Fund”
Trumpet sounds Ernie sounds trumpet surprising Bert in his bedroom and waking him up
Grover: Attention Please!

Big Bird: “Welcome to Sesame Street! I’m so glad you’re here because…”
Narrator: “You know Sesame Street…”
Big Bird: “…today is a very special day”

Narrator: “…the friendly, colorful street so many of us grew up on.”

Man: “Everything happens here! You’ll love it.”

[no sound]

Bert: “You call that a three?”

Narrator: “You know the Sesame Muppets,”
Ernie: “No, I call that a tree!” *laughs*

[eating noise]

Narrator: “Furry, feathery friends who bring laughter and learning everywhere they go.”

Crowd of voices: Two!

Cookie: “What did we learn here?”

Narrator: “and joy to everyone they meet.”

Child: “I got your nose!”
Elmo: “Oh, you did?”

Narrator: “But behind the screen is a dedicated non-profit with a mission of helping children around the globe grow Smarter, Stronger…”

Muppet: “Yea, sure, I’ll be your friend!”
Group: “Alright! Yeah!”
Narrator: “…and Kinder.”


Elmo and Cookie look around Sesame Street as Grover speaks to them.

Big Bird stands in front of a colorful welcome sign and his nest as he gestures with his hands

Big Bird turns from adjusting the welcome sign and waves to Elmo and Rosita as they run by

An adult and a child walk along the street, the man is speaking to the child

Race cars enter the screen from the left, lining up as if beginning a race

Bert speaks to Ernie as they look at the tree Ernie has drawn

Ernie points to his drawing, nudges Bert, and laughs as Bert looks away from the drawing

Cookie eats a large handful of spaghetti

Oscar pokes his head out of his trash can, followed by a new scene where a red Muppet falls on top of two other Muppets and Kate McKinnon, followed by a scene of Elmo laughing, followed by a new scene with Cookie Monster dancing in front of a large group of Muppets including: Grover, Bert and Ernie, Zoe, Abby, Big Bird, Rosita, and Elmo

A large yellow number 2 slides down from the top of the screen

Cookie Monster stands in a kitchen next to Gonger and Gonger bounces around

James Corden pulls Elmo and Grover in for a hug

A child sitting next to an adult in military uniform and sitting on the lap of another adult grabs at Elmo’s nose and holds a hand up as if holding something

A photo pans on the screen of an adult reading to two children and Abby, followed by a picture of two children and Maria stretching their arms out and up, followed by a child partially covering her face with her hands as Big Bird leans in to listen, followed by a booklet’s pages being turned and panning to a child and an adult looking at a book, then switching to a scene of a child in a cape jumping from a step next to Julia

Elmo, an adult, and two other Muppets pay attention as a fourth Muppet speaks looking at the camera and then the group, then all cheer and clap

Grover and are sitting working on a shape puzzle
A child runs to give Big Bird a hug on an outdoor path

Sesame Street street sign and yellow feather with the word “Yellow Feather Fund” and the text “Support Sesame Street’s effort to bring education to children in need. Visit www.sesameworkshop.org/donate.