Welcome to Menchville House Shelter

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Menchville House Ministries

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Title: Welcome to Menchville House Shelter

Description: Footage of Menchville House Residents represent a day in the life of a family staying at the shelter. A mother nurtures her three young children; they color, she brushes her daughter’s teeth, does the family’s laundry, and they eat lunch. Residents pack lunches for all of the youths, who learn and play at a day camp and STEM program, and smiling children pose for the recording.

Transciption (voice-over narration):

“Menchville House lends its individual residents and families a private room or suite.

The shelter empowers their residents to balance normal household requirements with parenting and their job or their job search.

Residents maintain their own spaces and complete household chores.

Residents cook for each other on a scheduled rotation, and mothers work together to pack lunches for children on-the-go.

This summer, youth residents ages five to fifteen attended day camp at the Tom and Ann Hunnicutt Y-M-C-A and learned about robotics during a week-long introduction by the Ruling Robot Falcons Robotics Team.

Responsibility and opportunity offered to residents helps them back toward self-sufficiency and independence and supports Menchville House’s mission in reducing homelessness in the Hampton Roads area.

Thank you for your support!”

Creator: Elizabeth Cohen
Narrator: Elizabeth Cohen

Audio track: “Starchild” Wally Gagel, Xandy Barry