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United Way of Central Georgia

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Charity name: United Way of Central Georgia
CFC #: 89218

[soldiers on battlefield]
Our military veterans have tremendous skills and experience, [injured military personnel talking with leader] but many of them struggle to reenter civilian life. [military personnel with daughter]
[veteran speaking about attempting suicide]
“I even thought about, well, go out in the woods and do it. Get it over with. No one will find me.”
[pictures of deployed soldiers]
Men and women put their lives on the line for the freedoms our nation enjoys. We as a nation owe them a debt of gratitude, [Major General McMahon speaks about transition to civilian life for veterans] but more importantly what we owe them is an opportunity to get reintegrated into our society as fully functional members.
[Veteran Navigator from Mission United meets with veteran to go over Mission United’s benefits]
Mission United brings veterans services under one streamlined process, so that veterans and their families have a single entry point for help. [veteran learning access to portal and benefits through Mission United]
[Veteran on the job as a civilian]
That can be job training and placement, [veteran seeking legal advice] free legal assistance, [picture: coaching in housing, finances] affordable housing, mental health care, financial coaching and so much more.
[American Flags waving]
[Veteran speaks on how Mission United helped him regain control of his life]
Mission United stopped me on my deadly spiral. I was spiraling out of control. I wanted to get my life right. I’m trying to get my life back together.