United Way of Cass-Clay

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United Way of Cass-Clay

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(Soft piano music)
(Volunteer serving meals to kids) When you look at the bold goals that United Way of Cass-Clay works towards and invests in, (volunteer giving a child a backpack) it’s far reaching. (individual working in a manufacturing plant, smiling)
(Check presentation with two students and volunteer) From adults to kids, to mental illness (child writing on a piece of paper at a desk) to hunger (volunteers of all ages volunteering a food bank packaging potatoes into bags) and homelessness, to housing (individual walking into an apartment building) and everything in between. (volunteer working in a construction site measuring a piece of material) People are stepping up and (footage of a news broadcast with a cameraman and anchor) making a more profound impact (volunteer speaking to the community about United Way to the press) on the place (a volunteer painting) they call home. (an interview with a news anchor and United Way volunteer surrounded by backpacks and school supplies, a volunteer reading to children)
(A volunteer handing a plate of food over to a community member during a United Way community event) There is more personal responsibility (teacher helping a student sharpen his pencil in a classroom) for people to (child walking with a backpack) play for the person next to them. And when that happens (be a Force for Good, LIVE UNITED graphic listed) it becomes a pretty great place to live. (Give, Advocate and Volunteer graphic listed)

(Invest in your community. United Way of Cass-Clay, #LIVEUNITEDCassClay, Force for Good)