Ukraine Discrimination against War-Zone Pensioners

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Human Rights Watch

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I'm standing in Stanitsa Luhanska. This is the only crossing point between Ukrainian controlled territory and territory controlled by Russian backed forces in Eastern Ukraine. This is the only crossing point in the region, and as you can see, thousands of people come here every day to cross between those areas and Ukrainian territory. Now it's the end of the day, and these people are going back, they've been here to collect their pensions. A lot of these people are older people. They come with canes, with walkers, with wheelchairs, with whatever they can use to get across the 1.5 kilometers that they have to walk through checkpoints, across a broken bridge to get here.

The video shows some of the elderly making a long and dangerous trek to collect their pension in Ukraine, in a war zone. The trek is especially hard on these individuals and Human Rights Watch helps to bring these issues to light and help however they can.