Together We Can Deliver

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Meals on Wheels of Eastern Kansas, Inc.

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Sonja (female Meals on Wheels client, in her home): (music) My main source of meal support is Meals on Wheels. I noticed that a few months after Steven passed away that I wasn’t eating on a regular basis. (view of the exterior of Sonja’s home) I just can’t imagine not being in my home for as long as possible (Sonja eating a home delivered meal from Meals on Wheels) and I couldn’t do that if I wasn’t having my meals regularly. (Visual of Meals on Wheels staff preparing and packaging meals) I just couldn’t do it. And so, from that standpoint, it’s just amazing to me that there’s an organization out there that will do that. (music) I think it’s just fabulous that they’re able to do that [deliver meals] on a volunteer basis. (music) (Meals on Wheels of Eastern Kansas visual: Together, we can deliver. Volunteer, Donate, Spread the word