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CFC = 31549 | Support Our Troops

(male sailor): My sailors and I appreciate your thoughtfulness and the hard work that went into making your donation possible. Your patriotic support is a great encouragement to all. ~~ Captain David [ ] United States Navy

(female airman): I really appreciate what you put together for me. I can’t begin to explain to you all how much this means to me. You guys went above and beyond when you put this package together and it is greatly appreciated. Support Our Troops .org made this possible and I just want you all to know that every Blessing boosts the morale over here and morale can affect the mission. It means a lot over here and everything you do matters. Thank you all for the support. Thank you SO much. ~~ A1C Ashley [ ]

(male soldier): I was hoping if you were still sending out care packages you would send some this way. I know it would definitely be a treat for them. Thank you for your continued support. It really means a great deal to everyone here. ~~ Chief Bud [ ] Afghanistan

(male voice): So come on! Get with us and let’s get to it! Isn’t it time to show them how much we care?
CFC = 31549 | Support Our Troops