Take Action to Stop the Extinction Crisis

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Center for Biological Diversity

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Soft and inspiring piano plays. "Every day, dozens of species vanish from Earth forever. By the end of our lifetime, half of all living species could be facing extinction. We are witnessing Earth's sixth mass extinction. We are causing Earth's sixth mass extinction. We need to fight like The Wild depends on it. This is a fight for all life on Earth. And we're going to fight like there's no tomorrow. Join Us. Take action to save live on Earth." A series of short video clips play, punctuated by the text: elephants walking through a dusty Savannah, elephant tusks piled in mounds reaching towards the sky, a monarch butterfly landing delicately on a flower, a pod of Orcas racing through the sea, a close of up a curious wolf, a polar bear walking along an ice sheet, a sea turtle swimming through blue water, wolf pups playing in a field, a bald eagle calling out, a grizzly bear and her cubs foraging, a Hawaiian Monk Seal curious of the camera filming it, a wolf marching through snow, a misty morning in a green forest, an Orca breaching, a herd of elephants drinking at a watering hole.