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Video: Children playing on a playground
Robin Berkeley, Executive Director: "Our goal at Horton's kids is to change the life trajectory of children by providing academic, health and basic need, and enrichment supports. Horton's kids operates a community resource center located just steps from where the children live. We provide services and programs to ensure children receive healthy meals to strengthen academics and enrich children's lives. "
Video: Children at tutoring
Tutor: "8 times 4.
That's correct. Read this first sentence here for me again. "
Horton's Kids Participant: "My favorite thing about Horton kids, they help me with my homework."
Video: Children boarding a bus for school
Robin Berkeley, Executive Director: "Horton's kids has the core belief that every child can succeed no matter their life circumstance. We work with the goal of seeing every child graduate from high school ready for college, career, and life."