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Screen: The Siena Francis House welcomes, shelters and empowers individuals experiencing homelessness to navigate their own path to safe and appropriate housing.

Woman: It’s a home to a lot of people. A lot of people don’t have a place to stay, even to get food on a daily basis. It’s a big help providing for those who don’t have anything, who’ve lost everything.

Woman: This facility takes everyone who comes in the door. A lot of these people wouldn’t have a place to go, at all, and they’d be totally on the street in the dead of winter.

Man: There’s just a lot of people down on their luck trying to get their feet back under them.

Screen: In 2018 over 3,570 individuals stayed at least one night at Siena Francis House; An average of 410 persons per night in our shelters.

Man: The fact that there’s over 500 people a night that stay here shows that there’s a need for the services Siena Francis provides.

Woman: Its places like this that make the world go round. And remember that it helps remind us that there are caring other people that love each other in the world. You know, the kindness of a stranger makes all the difference sometimes, and thank you, we need that.