Service Dogs from Rescue Dogs: Autism, PTSD, and Epilepsy

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Pawsitivity Service Dogs

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Rescue dogs can do amazing things. We train rescue dogs and train them as service dogs. They help people with autism, PTSD, and epilepsy. Winner, Humane Charity Award. Charities Review Council Highest Rating. “Our Pawsitivity service dog is better than any medicine.” – James Artisensi. “Our service dog from Pawsitivity is an angel of God.” – Jasmine DeMatties. Pawsitivity Service Dogs – Rescuing Dogs to Rescue People.
Description of all photos/scenes with time stamps:
01: Service dog doing “Down” from a distance.
06: Service dog turning on light switch.
12: Service dog sniffing boy with autism.
13: Black (African-American) boy with autism leaning on service dog.
15: Seizure Response Service Dog with boy on hospital bed during EEG procedure.
20: Rescue dog training carry.
26: Boy with autism walking service dog.
32: Psychiatric service dog with woman on escalator.
37: Boy with autism and service dog on hospital bed.
39: PTSD Service Dog doing “Lap” with man on hospital bed.
40: PTSD Service Dog petted by the man.
41: Boy with autism practicing with service dog in training indoors.
43: Woman in wheelchair training Golden Retriever to “Carry”
44: Boy with blindness and autism clapping with service dog.
48: Boy with epilepsy meeting his service dog.
49: Boy with rescue dog helping evaluate dog.
50: Black (African-American) boy with autism petting his service dog.