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{Title screen with Second Story Logo} Founded in 1972 as "Alternative House", Second Story supports young people by stepping in at critical moments, providing safe havens, and offering opportunities to grow and thrive.

{Picture of Second Story Map} Working in the Northern Virginia area, our services include a crisis intervention program for teenagers {Camera pans to show the recreation room/dining area/kitchen of our Second Story for Teens in Crisis facility}, long-term housing assistance for homeless youth and young mothers {On screen is one of our Second Story for Young Mother clients holding her child}, and community-based after-school programs and family resource centers {A teen at our teen center uses a computer to do her homework}.

Second Story envisions a community where all young people are safe, live in a nurturing environment, and have the opportunity to reach their full potential {One of our residential counselors is shown talking and smiling}.

You can help support homeless youth and youth in crisis through your workplace donation this year - our CFC number is 41814. Together, we do more! {Children pose at a park for the camera}

Title slide and logo {CFC#41814}