Rico Taylor's Story

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Rehabilitation, Reform & Reentry Resources, Inc (R4)

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The video is about how our Non-Profit Foundation assisted a returning citizen, who was released from incarceration after 18 years. He was released as homeless, indigent and with cancer. During his travels from Ohio to South Carolina, he lost his bag with his entire life of 18 years in it. His bag included medical records, his 30-day supply of medicines for cancer, Social Security Card, and debit card to use for food until he arrived in South Carolina. He arrived at the Half Way House with nothing but the cloths on his back. R4 provided this young man with all the essentials needed to survive. He had no one to turn too or no place to call home. Our organization ensured he was safe, both physically and mentally healthy and that he received everything he needed to become a productive, law abiding citizen.