Restorative Care for Survivors of Sex Trafficking

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The Samaritan Women

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[Image: The Samaritan Women Logo]
The Samaritan Women is the first long-term residential care program in the DC-MD-VA region for victims of domestic sex trafficking. Over the past 12 years we have served about 100 women, referred from over 20 different states.

[Image: Map of United States highlighting states that have one or no shelters]
But there are so many more victims to be reached. We’ve identified 17 states with no shelter program and 9 states with only 1. So if we wonder, “why don’t they leave?” “why don’t they reach out for help?” In many areas, the kind of help they need is not available.

[Image: Institute for Shelter Care Logo]
So we’ve created the Institute for Shelter Care with a 5-year goal to equip 29 new shelters across the United States to close the gap.

[Image: Young girl with bruises is improperly dressed holding a doll]
95% of our survivors were sexually abused as children;

[Image: Young, distressed woman]
87% deal with addiction;

[Image: Young woman wrapping her arms around her knees]
70% grew up in fatherless homes;

[Image: Girl is looking out of window on a rainy day]
and 48% have been diagnosed with some form of depression, anxiety, or PTSD.

You may not have any exposure to domestic sex trafficking, but if you or your family members have had any of these challenges, you know how long and hard the road to recovery can be.

[Image: collage of women who have been in TSW's program]
So thank you CFC for your sustained monthly giving. It paves the journey of recovering for these courageous young women.