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Patient Luz Hernandez discussing Planned Parenthood, while being interviewed around San Francisco, CA.

Here is the transcript: "My name is Luz Hernandez and I'm a Planned Parenthood patient. I come from a very traditional Hispanic family, so pretty much you don't bring it up. You don't talk about sexual health, you don't talk about any type of question related to that.

Had I not been given the services that I received at Planned Parenthood, I would have been forced to live a life that I didn't want. I became pregnant and it was something that I was not ready to do at the time. I feel like I am beyond lucky and blessed to have been in this country and to have Planned Parenthood.

I live here in San Francisco and I know that the need is great. I can only imagine that expanding would reach so many people that don't have access to certain services now. I'm still thankful that they allowed me to make my own choices. We need to stand with Planned Parenthood."