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Perpetual Care Video for CFC
The video is presented by Virginia Kilmer, CEO and Founder of Perpetual Care along with Tux, one of the rescues and residents of Perpetual Care Life Care Center. Perpetual Care helps pet owners with estate planning for their pets so that they don’t end up in a shelter. If they do not have someone to be caregiver for their pets, they can designate Perpetual Care to take care of their pets if they are no longer able to care for them. Perpetual Care also rescues pets from shelters when family members take them to the shelter due to a death in the family.

Transcript for Perpetual Care video
Hello, I’m Virginia Kilmer, and I’m the founder of Perpetual Care. And this is Tux. He’s 13 years old, and he’s a resident here at Perpetual Care life care center which is a home for orphaned pets left behind when their owners have passed away or gone into a nursing facility. Tux lost his Mom in 2010 to Cancer and he’s been living here at the center ever since.
Our mission is to help pet owners with estate planning for their pets so that they do not end up in a shelter. And if pet owners don’t have someone to leave their pets to, they can leave them to Perpetual Care and trust that we will care for them and give them love always.
Your support helps us to save the lives of orphaned pets like Tux, and we appreciate YOU! Thank you CFC supporters! And thank you Tux!