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Slide 1
Picture: Pawsitive Alliance logo showing human hand holding animal paw with name of organization to the right.

Text: Our Mission: To help end the euthanasia of cats and dogs in Washington by increasing adoptions, supporting spay and neuter programs, and improving pet retention.

Our Vision: A healthy and happy home for every cat and dog in Washington.

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Picture: Woman in surgical scrubs with long hair in pony tail leaning over a black and white cat that has been anesthetized. Surgical instruments and materials can be seen in the background.

Text: Just through August 2019, Pawsitive Alliance has spayed and neutered over 200 cats and dogs of lower income pet owners, focused on rural central Washington which has limited or no access to affordable spay/neuter services.

Slide 3
Video clip of older man, named Art, standing in front of construction equipment talking to the camera. Art says “The gal moved over here, she fed (the cats), she got me involved… when she died I made her a solemn promise that I would take care of the kittens that she was taking care of.”

Text: Art was feeding a feral colony and he was worried that feeding the cats would lead to a larger feral population next year.

Slide 4
Picture of 4 black and white kittens inside of a blue pet carrier.

Text: Pawsitive Alliance supported the spay/neuter of 109 cats and kittens.

Slide 5
Picture: Family of 5 standing in front of an SUV holding identification tags and collars for pets.

Text: Project Mission Pawsible gave out collars and ID tags in the lower Yakima Valley to low income residents.

Slide 6
Picture: Older man and woman holding a small white dog.

Text: Pawsitive Alliance’s Adoption Programs have helped over 7,700 animals find forever homes.

Slide 7
Picture: Older brown and white boxer type dog with caption that reads Mandy and 200th WhynotMEpet adopted at top and Everett Animal Shelter Adopted 4/23/2019 on bottom.

Text: Since 2015, the #whynotMEpets program has helped over 200 animals with barriers to adoption find their forever homes.

Slide 8
Picture: Black and white, older, bully breed type dog with #whynotMEpets logo in right hand corner.

Text: Recent WhynotMEpets Adoptions Samantha Adopted 8/6/2019

Slide 9
Picture: Brown and white tabby cat with #whynotMEpets logo in right hand corner.

Text: Recent WhynotMEpets Adoptions Squeek Adopted 7/23/2019

Slide 9
Picture: Pawsitive Alliance logo with Pawsitive Alliance written out on right.

Text: Your donations help us make a better life for dogs and cats across Washington!