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Operation: Job Ready Veterans

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At age fifty-one you wouldn't think you would find yourself unemployed and homeless. Coming to Operation: Job Ready Veterans, the first that I realized is that people genuinely wanted to help you. They wanted to see you get back on your feet. And... In my past and especially in the past three years, you didn't find to many people that wanted to help a veteran. You know... They think that, you know... You've done all these great things and your life is going great, but you fall upon hard times. And what they (OJRV) did...They showed me that they're a family, they're connected, and they genuinely want to see you do well. The greatest thing that I did and the best decision I made was to come here. I talk to every veteran I speak (to) and see now. I tell them, "Hey, well have you checked out Operation Job Ready (Veterans)? Let me give you Mr. John's number. Let me give you Mr. Mike's number. Because they want you to do well. They want you to succeed."