NICU Miracle Babies | Triplets in Trouble Push Through

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My name is Amber Tomlinson

and I have eight-year-old triplets.

They were born at 32 weeks.

And my son by far was the most sick.

He had NEC, which is
necrotizing enterocolitis.

So part of the intestine
became gangrenous.

They did a laparoscopic surgery on him

just to clean out the bowels,
see what was going on.

They noticed the problem came back.

I go on ahead and sign the consent form

to have a second surgery
and that's the point

where they removed part of his intestines.

So he spent a total time of
four months in the hospital.

The nurses were absolutely amazing.

They would call me multiple
hours during the day.

They would send me
pictures, give me updates.

So they made the experience
a lot easier to deal with

in the face of adversity.

They are eight years old now
with no lingering issues.

They've very active.

They do swimming and
they're in gymnastics.

Healing is allowing yourself
to experience a range

of emotions and to know
that the Lord is with you.

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