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National Council of Urban Indian Health

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* (Greeting in Native Language)/Translation in English
* My name is Carla Lott and I am a Native American veteran living in Washington, DC.
* I am the Director of Congressional Relations at the National Council of Urban Indian Health, a non-partisan organization that advances the needs of Native Americans in 22 states across the country.
* The US Census reports that 78% of American Indians and Alaska Natives live in urban areas.
* Our Native communities across the nation are in a long-term health crisis.
* Unfortunately, urban Natives can suffer due to isolation from Tribal lands and cultural identity,
lack of adequate mental health care, substance misuse and poverty.
* We represent the 41 Urban Indian Organizations funded by IHS that are working to address these challenges every day.
* A donation to NCUIH will support our work to ensure Native Americans in urban settings have the healthcare and resources to be healthy.
* Thank you.