Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2019 Cyndi Leach

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Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee

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I am Cyndi Leach, Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2019. Opportunity is a great word to describe what Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee is all about. It's an opportunity to educate the public about the needs and rights of those with disabilities. So many businesses and government officials are just not aware. Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee has a platform that she is passionate about. Her crown and sash provides an open door for her to speak with the individuals she needs to. Advocating for fellow Tennesseans with disabilities is our number one priority. I have traveled from Knoxville to Memphis and had close to 30 opportunities to speak to those who can help make a difference. We are so appreciative for the support we have received from the CFC Federation. I want to say a personal thank you for helping me have the most rewarding year of my life.