More Than Food. Hope

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St. Mary's Food bank

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Opening shot panning over St. Mary’s Food Bank entrance

- (Client Male wearing chefs coat in restaurant) The first time I had gone to St. Mary's Food Bank I was worried that if I didn't receive food that day, we probably would have gone at least a couple of days without a decent meal on the table.

Little girl holding sign saying “I’m hungry”

- [Narrator] One in four children in Arizona live with poverty...

Young girl and boy holding apples, smiling.

- [Narrator] and may go to bed hungry. That's one of the highest rates in the nation.

- (Client Male with family in background) Do I slack off on the food for my children, or do I make sure that our electricity's on?

- (Client Girl wearing pink shirt in cafeteria) If I miss a meal I wouldn't be able to concentrate.

- (Client Boy wearing orange in classroom) 'Cause I would be so hungry.

- (Client Girl wearing pink shirt in cafeteria) I eat breakfast because it helps me learn in class.

- (Client Female sitting with daughter in cafeteria) Who wants to go and say that they don't have enough food for their family? But then when you get there they make you feel comfortable.

- (Client Female-Older at St. Mary’s distribution center) It's not a hand out, it's a hand up.

Shot panning over St. Mary’s Food Bank entrance. “Donate Today” graphic on screen.

- [Narrator] Donate today at St. Mary's Food Bank.

Various angles of inside warehouse, distribution center and production lines

- [Narrator] Receive an $800 state tax credit through your Arizona tax return when you donate $800 to St. Mary's Food Bank.

Close up of production area

- [Female Narrator] Get credit and stop hunger in Arizona.

“Give & Get” graphics on screen along with girl holding oranges.

- [Young Narrator] Donate at

- [Child]