Montgomery Working Women Network (MWWN), Inc.

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Montgomery Working Women Network of the National Association for Female Executives, Inc.

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The Montgomery Working Women’s Network has been a tremendous asset to my students. Giving that I teach at a Title One School with a low social-economic background of students, many of my students come from homes that are disadvantaged, but that does not mean that they are not capable and willing to learn. Having assistance from Ms. Debra Warren, at the Montgomery Working Women’s Network has helped my students in gaining resources we need, for different projects and activities such as our STEM projects; giving that I am a Science Teacher we are big on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and now with the incorporation of Arts, we are going more toward STEAM. Ms. Warren has assisted us in securing funds from local leaders in the community and working with us to gain resources that are free so that our students can maximize their learning and education potential to be the best that they can be.