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Video Title: Montana Wildlife Federation: Get Involved

Video Summary: The Montana Wildlife Federation (MWF) Get Involved video is an effort to raise awareness about why it is important for people to get involved with MWF. MWF has been fighting for Montanans wildlife, access, and hunting opportunity for 80 years through grassroots advocacy, giving Montanans a voice, policy expertise, constructive relationships with legislators and other decision-makers. MWF builds coalitions and convenes all the diverse voices in the hunting/conservation world to work together. John Salazar, an MWF board member is the spokesperson and speaks about how Montana’s hunting and outdoor heritage outdoor heritage needs us all to show up and take action. Salazar highlights the fact that conservation doesn’t just happen - we need to work and fight for it.

[0:00:01] Audio: Sound of snow crunching under boots.
Scene Description: Early morning. Field of view is mostly dark except for light that comes from a headlamp that is shinning on a compound bow.

[0:00:03] Audio: Sound of a running creek.
Scene Description: John Salazar dressed in camo crosses a running creek. There is snow on the banks and covers the brush.

[00:00:05] Audio: John Salazar I've been hunting for 35 years. I'm a bow hunter and a rifle hunter for big game.
Scene Description: John Salazar walks past the camera’s field of view. The landscape in the background is blurred but a small branch hangs in focus with a clump of ice clinging to it.

[00:00:06] Audio: Music plays.
[00:00:07] Audio: Sound of creek running.
[00:00:09] Audio: Sound of snow crunching under boots.

[00:00:10] Audio: John Salazar [Music playing softly in background] I'm John Salazar. I live in Livingston Montana and I'm on the Montana Wildlife Federation board of directors. What I value about hunting is the ability to spend time with my family and friends in the outdoors.
Scene Description: John Salazar wears a grey baseball cap with the Montana Wildlife Federation logo on it, glasses, and a black jacket. He sits in portrait mode directly facing the camera. Scene changes to aerial footage of evergreens pans across a snow-capped valley. John Salazar walks along the edge of a tree line. Scene changes to yellow aspen leaves in shallow focus.

[00:00:23] Audio: John Salazar Public land is all I hunt so we're very fortunate in this state to have so much of that opportunity to be able to enjoy.
Scene Description: John Salazar walks through the woods while the camera moves along side him.

[00:00:29] Audio Elk bulge
Scene Description: Close up of John Salazar bulging.

[00:00:30] Audio: John Salazar Montana Wildlife Federation has been fighting for hunting and fishing and access for over 80 years. I didn't get involved this way until I was 50 years old. Always took for granted what other people had done.
Scene Description: Aerial shoot of evergreens dusted with snow. Scene changes to John looking through binoculars while facing away from the camera. Scene changes to John walking through a stand of aspens.

[0:00:46] Audio: John Salazar There's been a lot of people fighting for a long time for this so it's time to do my part.
Scene Description: Camera pans downward to show John’s grey Montana Wildlife Federation hat while he is holding binoculars and facing the camera.

[0:00:50] Audio: John Salazar Join me and thousands of other Montanans and become a member of Montana Wildlife Federation.
Scene Description: Yellow aspen leaves hang in the forefront and John Salazar is blurred in the background as the walks away from the camera over snow cover ground. Scene changes to aerial footage of evergreens lightly dusted with snow. Montana Wildlife Federation logo showcases geese, elk, and mountains with the Montana state outline. Underneath is the link to get involved with the Montana Wildlife Federation. This is followed by a black background with Donate to CFC #27690 text.