Metro East Humane Society 2019 Video

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Metro East Humane Society

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They’ve been in the area for over thirty years, so I just thought that it’s a well established place that I’d really want to come in and see their animals. So, they were actually, the Metro East Humane Society, was the only shelter I actually came to visit. Um, and once I got here the staff was just so friendly and educational on all of the animals that were here. They knew so much about them. Even if they were pulled as strays they tried to find out as much about them; if they were cat friendly, if they were kid friendly, um, dog aggressive, anything like that. They just knew so much about them. And it seemed like they really invest their time in each animal that comes through and that really just pulled on my heart strings. And I really wanted to bring an animal home that day. So, I found my first dog and he was home with me that same day.