For Melanoma, Research is Hope.

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Melanoma Research Alliance

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Jamie says: I was diagnosed with stage one melanoma in 2007 and at the time there were no options for stage three.

Grace Says: I'm 22 and I have just gotten a stage four cancer diagnosis

Tracy says: When I was first diagnosed almost six years ago and have since received that diagnosis four times. It's a part of my thoughts at some point of every day

Debra Black, CO-Founder & Chair of Melanoma Research Alliance says: When we had our called to action back in 2007. Our dream was to help flying cures for melanoma.

Michael Kaplan, President & CEO of Melanoma Research Alliance says: MRA is the largest nonprofit funder of melanoma research and has granted over 100 million in our first 10 years.

Tracy says: Feels so wonderful to know that so much is being done so that less people are dying and suffering from this insidious disease.

Grace says: That's what research means to me ultimately, I think it means hope in a lot of ways.

Women talking, Melanoma Research Alliance Logo is shown: When we bring all these researchers from around the world to work on this problem, we're going to get answers.