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Society of American Indian Government Employees (SAIGE)

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Society of American Indian Government Employees (Native American music playing) SAIGE Advocates for American Indian and Alaska Native Federal, Tribal, State and local government employees. Membership is open to anyone who supports our Mission. SAIGE provides a unique annual training program that offers classes in Professional Development, Indian Law, Cultural issues, EEO and Diversity training for everyone. (Stephen Pevar, Attorney, Federal Indian Law) "Consultation, however, is part of a broader subject known as the Doctrine of Trust Responsibility..." SAIGE's Youth Program provides college students leadership training, practical skills and peer support not found elsewhere. (Voiceover of student leader, pictures of students) "if someone could just allow me to prove to them, that I can do something... I went to SAIGE in Tulsa, fresh out of college, and walked away and I had two job offers. I'm very thankful to have that opportunity. And my opportunity, my shot, came with SAIGE." (Wes Wilson, SAIGE Student Leader) (Singing and drumming) The SAIGE Warrior Society honors Meritorious Service. (Pictures of military award winners) (Native American music playing)
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