Meals for Vets: Nourishing Student Veterans' Success

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Meals for Vets Program CFC Video 2019

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Meals for Vets
We’re Nourishing Student Veterans’ Success
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Over sixty-eight thousand veterans in Texas are going to college with the post nine-eleven G-I bill.
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Of those, an estimated ten thousand student veterans can’t afford basic meals.
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And when you can’t eat, you can’t think.
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Meals for Vets funds nutritious, daily meals for veterans in Texas, under age 60, who struggle financially.
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In May 2019, we started a new program to provide meals to student vets.
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Mark, an Army veteran says, “As a full-time student in-between consulting gigs, the Meals for Vets program has truly been a great help…”
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Jesse, an Army veteran says, “I feel like I’ve been given a new life.”
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This program is supported by a grant from the Texas Veterans Commission Fund for Veterans’ Assistance which provides grants to organizations serving veterans and their families. For more info, visit T-V-C dot Texas dot gov.
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Meals for Vets. C-F-C number six-one-zero-five-one.