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What makes the MCRD Command Museum such a special place is that the people who make up the museum family, are Marine Corps family, are the history. We always tell people who come to visit the museum: we're more than a museum. The artifacts, the galleries, the history, that's just the beginning of what it means to preserve the legacy of the Marine Corps. We also believe that our programming is one of the most important parts of preserving the legacy of the Marine Corps. Programs like M5, where our docents pass on that legacy to the future generation of Marines who are just days away from graduating. Programs like Tun Tavern Tuesday that invite our friends from the community, and more specifically our families and our veteran community, back to the Depot. Programs like Family Forever that support our Gold Star community. Families who have literally sacrificed everything to remind them that they are always welcome back here as part of our family and that we will never forget to honor the sacrifice that their family has given this nation.