Marilyn Morales Story of Support

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HonorBound Foundation

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"My name is Marilyn Morales-Reyes." Marilyn served honorably in the Navy for 4 years. "It's scary, but I'd do it any day of the week and twice on Sunday for the United States of America." But she fell into hard times... "There have been a lot of times where I didn't think I'd be able to adapt." HonorBound provided Marilyn with all the tools to start her own nail care business. "They pretty much got me out of a bind because I was ready to work and no, no tools, so HonorBound did me a great service." "I've started providing for myself as of this month." "They allowed me to purchase what I needed. Not what was convenient." "HonorBound helps people get back on their feet and puts them to work." HonorBound is on track to assist 22,000 veterans by 2020.