Making a Difference, One Hoof Beat at a Time

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Born 2 Be Therapeutic Equestrian Center

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Born 2 Be provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity to become all they were Born 2 Be through a partnership with the horse. Every week our students celebrate freedom. Kids and adults alike get up, off or out of their confinement to a world which offers confidence, independence, love, and, to some, even legs.

For individuals with disabilities, equine-assisted activities have shown to improve muscle tone, balance, coordination and emotional well-being. The horse provides a 3-dimensional movement that mimics a human walking gait; movement that’s very difficult to duplicate in a clinical setting. And horses are a whole lot more fun too!
Since 2012, Born 2 Be Therapeutic Equestrian Center, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, provides a hopeful, helpful and healthy environment enhancing the lives of individuals with: Cerebral Palsy, Hearing/Visual Impairment, Autism, Traumatic Brain Injury, Attention Deficit Disorder, - Multiple Sclerosis and others.

For students who cannot sit astride a horse or choose not to, Born 2 Be offers therapeutic carriage driving as a means to participate in their own special equine activity. Driving the horse enhances spatial awareness and eye-hand coordination.